application ap‧pli‧ca‧tion [ˌæplɪˈkeɪʆn] noun
1. [countable] a formal, usually written, request for something or for permission to do something:
an application to do something

• It hassubmitted an application to establish a distribution company.

• The company filed an application with the Food and Drug Administration to begin trials on the drug.

application for

• an application for a grant

• Fill in your application form and return it to us before 30 April.

ˈjob appliˌcation [countable]
JOBS a formal request to be considered for a job:

• His job application showed experience running warehouses.

ˌmultiple (ˈshare) appliˌcation [countable]
FINANCE in a share issue where each buyer can only buy a maximum number of shares, an occasion when someone tries to buy more shares by using more than one name. Multiple share applications are often illegal
oˈriginating appliˌcation [countable]
LAW a document which formally begins a legal case; = ORIGINATING SUMMONS:

• The Crown struck out the originating application on the grounds that the case was outside its jurisdiction.

ˈplanning appliˌcation [countable]
PROPERTY a request to the authorities for permission to build or change a building, or to use land in a particular way:

• The company's planning application to build a new supermarket was rejected.

ˈshare appliˌcation [countable]
FINANCE a request for shares in a share issue (= when shares in a company are sold for the first time); =application for shares
ˈspeculative appliˌcation [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a request for a job that you send to a company although the company has not advertised one:

• If you make a speculative application, some companies will keep your details on file for six months.

2. [countable] a practical use for something:

• Sheet steel is used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from pails to car hoods.

3. [countable] COMPUTING a piece of software for a particular use or job:

• The top-selling application was Microsoft Office.

ˌmultiple appliˈcations [plural]
COMPUTING if a computer can deal with multiple applications, it can work with more than one application at a time:

• Early PCs didn't have enough internal memory to handle multiple applications.

* * *

application UK US /ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun
[C] HR an official request for a job, a place on a course, etc., usually in writing: an application for sth »

We received over 250 applications for the post.

make/submit an application »

You can submit your application online.


a job/college/membership application


the application procedure/process

[C] FINANCE an official request to get something such as a loan or shares: turn down/refuse/reject an application »

Her mortgage application was refused.

grant/approve an application »

You will receive the money as soon as your application is approved.


make/put in/submit an application


a loan/credit card/share application

[C] an official request for permission to do something: an application to do sth »

Officials have denied his many applications to add a second storey to his home.

an application for sth »

Her application for asylum in Ireland was successful.


a planning/licence/passport application

[C] IT a computer program that is designed for a particular purpose: »

Email is the most often-used application.


An error message reported that there was not enough memory to run the application.


internet/web/Windows™ application


an application programs/software

[C] a way in which something can be used: »

The new technology has many applications.

practical/commercial applications »

There are obvious practical applications for the research.

[U] the act of using something for a particular purpose: the application of sth »

There are many opportunities for the application of e-commerce.

See also ENTERPRISE APPLICATION(Cf. ↑enterprise application), MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS(Cf. ↑multiple applications), ORIGINATING APPLICATION(Cf. ↑originating application), SHARE APPLICATION(Cf. ↑share application), SPECULATIVE APPLICATION(Cf. ↑speculative application)

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